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Selling items on PSB - New users please read

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  • BlackFZR
    In addition to the above......

    Posting bikes or gear on behalf of people who are not members of PSB is not welcome, as it is circumventing the above rule. All such adds will be deleted.

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  • Brougham
    started a topic For Sale Selling items on PSB - New users please read

    Selling items on PSB - New users please read

    As is not only the largest and most active motorcycling forum in Perth but also Australia as a whole, it makes great sense to utilise this large member base to sell your unwanted or unneeded items, such as motorcycles, cars, boats, apparel and other items including household goods.

    However, to minimise the abuse of PSB by people ONLY wanting to sell their goods and be gone, the Staff have decided to reimplement a strict policy to ensure that only that PSB members can take advantage of this great advertising tool.

    Therefore from now on, only PSB members that have been here for over a month
    (that's 30 days for all the people from Gosnells) AND have made over 10 decent posts will be able to create new threads to sell items in all of the Classified forums.

    You will still be able to post in other threads, as we would not want to stop anyone being able to buy their first bike for example.

    We hope you understand the reasoning behind this policy. Any blatant misuse of PSB in order to quickly get around this policy will be dealt with quickly and clearly. Spamming posts or "+1" postcount replies will be deleted by the moderator team.