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  • Wanted GoPro HD camera

    Hi all,

    I'm chasing a GoPro HD, much the same as:
    HD Motorsports Hero Wide « GoPro Cameras Australia – HD Action Camera

    I'd prefer it come with charger and mount, but at this stage I'm keen to any offer.
    I may be interested in a standard non-hd model also, however I will seek a HD model regardless (don't mind having 2 cameras if I score a non-hd one)

    Please PM me if you have one you're willing to part with. I'd also greatly appreciate any spotters who can put me in the right direction. Might be one advertised that I haven't seen. (Haven't dont a lot of looking yet)

    Many thanks.
    - Ty

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    If you want new, there is a shop in Midland, I see you live there you might know it.
    I have a friend that sells them too, but he is in Byron Bay, so much as I'd like to help him with his business, if you want to look at a full range of cameras and options the guy in Midland has a nice shop. Can't remember the name of the shop, it's on either Morrisson or Grt Eastern Hwy.


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      I just ordered a HD helmet mount GoPro camera from the US.
      Got a pretty good price on it i think, $325 delivered

      from this site GoPro HD Helmet Hero @

      There is a non HD one on Gumtree...

      GoPro Wide Hero | Video & Digital Cameras | Gumtree Mosman Park
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        Yeah I'm gonna scout the locals soon, I'd much rather pick something up locally for warranty reasons especially if the price different between here and overseas (inclusive of post) is only like $20 - $40 bucks respectively, each new.

        Thanks for sharing, $325 delivered is a good price. Lately I've run into a lot of DoA issues so I'm inclined to go local given my above statement.
        I'll raid the gumtree ad, that's actually really useful. Wouldn't mind having a cheaper unit for another perspective (like a rear view etc).

        Cheers for the replies


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          go to Topedo 7 man, there $300 delivered at the moment, + it's an Australian site so you should get it in a week.