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Falco boots sz 42

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  • For Sale Falco boots sz 42

    Size 42 Falcos. They saw frequent use for about 3 months, then sat in storage when I picked up some second hand Sidis. There's some scuffing on the leather and the inner sole shows a bit of wear, but they're still very solid and aren't compromised at all.

    Bought for ~$200 from memory. Asking $75.
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    Still got them?

    Any chance they are waterproof?


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      Yo. Yeah, still got them.

      I would hesitate to advertise them as waterproof, because they're not really touted as such. But I wore them through a decent portion of winter (2009, when it rained all day every day) without getting my feet wet.
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        42 is around size 11 or 12 right? I may be keen -
        Did you want to pm me your details and I will try and come see them one evening this week?
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          Hey Herbie,
          I have a size 43 in the Falco and I'm a size 8 1/2.
          Hope this helps.


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            Boots are gawn.

            Good to meet you, Luke. Hopefully catch you on the road soon.
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              likewise mate, sorry about the embarassment!

              have the gear now just need wheels!