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Extra Lucky Shoei X12 - Large, needs some love. Free

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  • For Sale Extra Lucky Shoei X12 - Large, needs some love. Free

    This is my lucky helmet. Never crashed in it, and has outlasted several others.
    Had never been cleaned, and I gave it a whiff today. The 6-7 years of built up head stink in it were too overwhelming so decided to wash the linings... the foam in the top lining disintegrated. Replacing is about $80 apparently.. fuck that
    So I now have an X-Spirit 3.

    There's nothing special about the foam. An inventive person could use $5 worth of foam from Clark Rubber and some adhesive spray.
    The external of the helmet has some scratches, missing couple bits of plastic for the air vents, but these are a result of using it on dirt bike in bush. Clear visor in good nick, orange visor is ghetto spec
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