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  • Wanted Hire a caravan

    Hey all,

    I have a request. Does anyone know someone with a 4 berth (or bigger) caravan that would be willing to 'hire' out for a few weeks next year in April ? My brother is getting married on 10th April and we have family coming from Ireland for the event. As we have limited space in the house we are going to need somewhere for 4 adults to sleep. That is all they will be doing, sleeping in it, showers and feeding etc will be in da house.. The caravan would be setup on the grass or on the driveway at my home, would not be towed anywhere and we would supply all the linen and such like ourselves.

    I know it's a fair way off yet, but just wanting to test the waters so to speak.

    Alternativly does anyone know a place that would hire out a caravan which can be brought here ??