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  • For Sale Sold

    Yes, I purposely made the title a little vague.

    Up for sale I have one Canon Digital Ixus 60. Has the usual signs of wear and tear after a few years. Yes, this is a compact digital camera (point and shoot) therefore it isn't a digital single-lens reflex one. Review can be found here.

    For $40 you get:
    • Canon Digital Ixus 60 Camera
    • Battery Charger
    • USB Lead
    • Manuals and CD if I can find it...

    I will also chuck in a free 1GB SD memory card with the sale.
    And for those that need pictures yes I will post one up tomorrowish if you can wait.
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    I wonder what this is?

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    I've had an IXUS 70 for years and we use one in the factory at work (very rough conditions) Still going strong after at least 3 years and thousands of photos.
    I also use mine mounted to the tank for trackday videos

    Actually, mines looking pretty ratty... for $40 I could do with a spare.
    PM SENT!
    - Mike