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  • For Sale Toyota MR2 Turbo

    Full engine rebuild 9000km ago

    Build details.
    Knife edge crank.
    Eagle H Beam Rods
    JE pistons .5 over with the je rings gapped for high psi and nitrous
    ACL race bearings throughout.
    Balanced bottom end

    Cometic 1.6mm MLS Gasket
    HKS 272 INTAKE & EXHAUST cams
    HKS vernier pulleys
    2zzfe Solid Lifters for light weight valve train
    New Valve seals
    new rocker gasket

    800cc Sard injectors
    Wolkatz Big bore fuel rail and Aeromotive rising rate fuel pressure reg with pressure gauge on.
    Walbro 255ltr pr hr fuel pump
    Power FC Ecu
    Apexi avcr boost controller
    Honed intake mailfold for smooth airflow.
    secondary butterflies removed from intake manifold
    bigger intake trumpet for throttle body

    Custom exhaust manifold into a billet turbochargers, billet R-GVT
    custom dump pipe into custom twin exhaust
    Greddy High flow intercooler
    Aquamist water injection system runing water/methanol mix.
    Twin Engine lid fans
    Custom cold air fed box with with small fan to keep constant cold airflow over filter.
    Oil breather system

    Coil Over suspension
    Veilside Body kit
    Full Stereo system with three amps
    6 inch splits in front
    6x9's and 2x10 subs

    New ball joints and bushes throughout
    Aftermarket wheels. 265 rear - 245 front

    great car, very fast
    $21000 ovno

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    Here are some pics.

    the wife wants another baby so i have to sell some toys that i dont really use...
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        Awesome looking machine, mate!

        Good luck with the sale!
        They observe my perambulations upon my gyroscopically-balanced personal transportation device, and I perceive at my core that they have thus concluded that I am Caucasian, and, while intelligent, I am also somewhat socially inept. - Peculiar Alfred
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          Yeah thanks....she goes like rocket too.....


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            Originally posted by zx10seb View Post
            Here are some pics.

            the wife wants another baby so i have to sell some toys that i dont really use...
            Lol didn't know that, awesome!
            Originally posted by The Mase
            Ditto. Instead mountain biking w/ a mate. He stopped suddenly, as did i but flipped over the handle bars. But landed nuts first on mates back wheel.... i know, I know, 2 penis's on one bike rule was broken


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              Yeah she has started saying things like....Roman is old enough for a brother or sister now.....ha ha ha


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                But i am trying to hold out a little...on another child not the sex.....before anybody asks