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87 Soarer GT3.0 Fully optioned & Suzuki Mighty boy ute

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  • For Sale 87 Soarer GT3.0 Fully optioned & Suzuki Mighty boy ute

    Hi All,

    Trying to sell my family's cars for different reasons, I'll keep it brief so PM for more info:

    1987 Soarer GT. Immaculate condition, All leather, all electric, dvd player, immaculate paint, engine extremely healthy. $3500 (need a car for sister, but this is turbo so she cant be insured, may be interested in swaping for P plater friendly sports car must be auto.. or let me know what you have)

    1987 Suzuki Mighty Boy - Bought this as a short term project. Engine runs very good, 107,000kms very economical, low rego costs, has 6 months on it still, id say good condition for age and fair price as ive seen some for 3500 that arent even registered! im asking for 1600 firm

    PM me for detailed info.

    0405835244 text during weekdays, call/text on weekends
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    I would have both these as part of my dream garage, seriously.

    Mighty Boys are hilarious and have always loved the old Soarers. Good luck. Also tell your sister to learn to drive properly.
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      that mighty boy is awesome , looks like something that would take a busa engine or something .


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        Mighty boy is awsome, they put turbo engines in and Alto engines, but i think it loses its character with power. Its got more character being slow! the 543cc pumps out 19kw @ 6000 RPM, its just fun being slow

        The soarer was my pride and joy until i bought my evo. I think its extremely cheap, its just the market at the moment, if someone wanted one in this condition i dont doubt you can get 5k for it. I just dont want to hang onto it, my dad is using at moment but i have another soarer spare that he can use, so there is just excess cars..


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          Soarer - clicks? Auto/manual?


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            Hi All, Sorry have not logged on for ages. The mighty boy is no longer for sale as i have taken deposit. Neither is the 87 soarer, I was selling it to be able to get an insurable car for sister, But have found a good insurer that covers her, so have done a lot of work to it over the last 2 weekends, i.e. i have done the suspension, it is lowered and sits awsome now, and has brand new tyres with 17" rims, all new pads, cooling system flush, diff oil etc. So im not selling unless i get something around $7, rather not sell its in A1 cond.

            My 92 soarer is for sale, you can find it on Gumtree, but here are details:

            - Fully optioned model, driver and passenger electrical seats, Sunroof (functional and no leaks)
            - Interior is in excellent condition.
            - 18" rims (Liberty - Made in Japan) tyres in good condition, one has egg in it and one has wear on the outside other than that they are very legal (they came off Celsior that i bought just for these rims)
            - 10 CD changer in back
            - 12X, xxxkm's
            - 2.5 Litre twin turbo, single turbo conversion. CT26 turbo. Has custom manifold not the dodgy bold on to stock twins one... Turbocharger is not in good condition. Makes noise and has shaft play, but still holds boost if you want it. I only use this car as a daily so off boost it runs fine, Have driven to margaret river and back in this condition and do almost 300km a week with this car. and have so for almost 8 months no problem.
            - Appart from turbo the 1jz block is in excellent condition and genuinly reflects the km's
            - GFB bleeder type manual boost control, currently set to wastegate. Was running 10psi before very nicely but put back to stock to not stress the turbo.
            - Front mount intercooler, with all piping
            - Turbosmart BOV, with down pipe
            - Oil catch can
            - Full Transmission oil power flush just 200km's ago with Original toyota T-IV ATF (12 Litres ~$200).
            - Pod Filter, Brand new.
            - Thermo fan (currently hooked up to run when headlights are switched on, never got around to re-wiring) I just leave lights on all the time.
            - Stock suspension springs installed less than 1,000km's ago (Springs were taken off a 50,000km's old soarer)
            - Twin Blitz Nur Spec mufflers, Large dump from turbo back, but stock exhaust system in between mufflers and dump (lot more power to be unleashed but i like the more quiet noise)
            - Have stock mufflers with car as well.
            - Passenger power window needs to be fixed (motor still runs might just be off the track, inside arm rest needs to be glued as well)
            - Needs new paint job, sides are ok but bonnet, roof and boot are heavily sun tanned.
            - Excellent setup to put a good single turbo on. Lots of potential. or keep as a reliable daily.
            - I'm advertising as i am wanting to replacing it with an 80 series Supra NA Auto stock.