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1994 HSV/HOLDEN VR MALOO Ute, 5L, Auto

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  • For Sale 1994 HSV/HOLDEN VR MALOO Ute, 5L, Auto

    I have for sale my Maloo as i have bought another car for transporting my dirtbike this year.

    1994 HSV VR Maloo Ute (Build Number 110)
    New tints
    17" VT Clubsport rims
    Re-trimmed black leather seats
    immaculate interior
    HSV Tonneau cover
    Tub Liner
    Tie Downs for bikes
    Reese Hitch towbar
    New front slotted brake discs
    Registered until Sept 2011

    Comes with spare VR/VS Statesman interior (dash & console) including climate control.

    Selling as i have bought a new car. No Swaps

    Price - $8750ono

    Please call/SMS Mart to arrange an inspection - 0438308502

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    Still got the orginial tail light units?

    Seats retrimmed as per factory spec?
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      Yeah still have original units I'm pretty sure, in a box of stuff I got, I think they r faded or cracked tho which is why they were replaced.

      Seats, couldn't say as I dunno what they looked like originally, its a good job tho, all new foam in them, a quality black leather. No logo's or anything. I think the seats are Recaro, but I could be wrong. Was done by an aircraft interior upholsterer.
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        To be honest, I'm not the biggest HSV nut, I bought it coz I'd looked at about 10 VS S-packs that had been abused or were severely overpriced (some VU's were cheaper!). But this car being a HSV had just been that bit better looked after, all the numbers matched, interior all there, dash that worked, no rotting door jambs, tonneau cover in 1 piece, exhaust still original with original HSV extractors and mufflers. So I picked this up instead of a VS. Now I'm only selling it coz I need more doors and some ground clearance.
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          Nice ute , good luck selling that.

          you mention a VR/VS Statesman interior, is this a complete interior or just the dash and console?
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            Nice clean looking car. I may be interested in this when I fly back in a bit over a week. Will contact you then if I'm interested in viewing it.
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              Just the dash and console Arwon, to be honest its kinda half wrapped up in a big ass box, and as i wasn't fussed on swapping out a perfectly good interior for a bit of woodgrain, i never took much time to check it out.

              Will sell it separate tho if you're interested. pending whats there and of any use to you ofcourse. The climate control unit is there too, big heavy thing, goes behind the dash in lieu of original heaterbox.

              See PM reply flanno
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                Bump, still for sale!

                Perfect for road bikes or dirt bikes coz the tray is nice and low.
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                    Service history?


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                      He sold the car about a week ago.
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                        Oh yeah i forgot about this thread it got so buried, mods please delete !
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