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Free to a good home - 3 month ginger kitten

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  • For Sale Free to a good home - 3 month ginger kitten

    Hi Folks,
    A friend of mine has had to make the decision to try and rehome a kitten/cat she has. The long story short is, the kitten will need some love and care to have it come out of it's shell. It's friendly if the surroundings are correct but this is also due to its history it needs a quiet house.

    Back story
    Two kittens were taken to her local vets after they were thrown from a car on the freeway. They were both very young. My friend adopted both kittens. One has flourished in her household (2 young son pre-teens + another cat) while the other is good with one on one, but is becoming more and more withdrawn from the noisy household. She believe it's best, while the kitten is young to find a forever home that has the right credentials for what he needs. He's really a lovely kitty but just needs the right household so he can flourish.

    My friend has purchased the VetWest wellness package for the kitten, this involves having worming tablets etcs, delivered to you monthy, he has had all of his shots up for the year and needs to go back in June to get the snip snip. All of this has been paid for.

    She's situated NOR.

    If you'd like more info, shoot me through a PM. Click image for larger version

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    Free kitten, you say?

    I kid. It sounds like the owner has put her 110% into looking after this kitten. Paying for the worming and desexing in advance goes above and beyond what you'd hope for. A girl I know posted up on facebook about kittens being thrown from a car on the freeway about that time, apparently it made the news. I sort of hope these are the same ones.

    I can't take this one... No pets strata.


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      Ryven, It may be the same kittens. She only got them less than 2 months ago I think.

      Kitty has now gone to a forever home many thanks psb.


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        i know this is a little off topic, but if i ever seen someone throw any animal out the window of a moving car for a laugh or watever the reason.. i would pull that car over and beat the living S#$T out of them. i dont care how big small wide or tall they were. To do that to such a helpless creature is beyond belief. im not a pussy, i'll shoot roo's for sport or wild cats / dogs / fox's... but to do that to a kitten.. it angers the hell out of me...