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92 Nissan Pulsar $500 Licenced and Running

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  • For Sale 92 Nissan Pulsar $500 Licenced and Running

    92 nissan pullsar n14 $500 (running and licenced)

    So im getting rid of my 92 Nissan Pulsar N14 4 door hatch (red) the car is mechanically sound apart from the following issues that I don’t really want to fix as I am getting rid of the car and only really used it once a week. this would be a great as a first car it had no rust and is straight
    I have had the car about 4 years and never really had a problem and its cheap as to run!

    ill add some pics up tonight and pretty much just want to get rid of it as I am getting a new one.

    car will occasally stall under when stopping under low revs, (looks to be a idling problem.)
    The Speedo and odometer stopped working about 1000km ago.
    Has some sun damage
    Hole in the exhaust

    the only reason I didn’t fix these issues is because I was planning on getting rid of the car and im not that mechanically knowledgeable and wasn’t worth paying a mechanic at the time.

    Cant really go wrong for $500

    Send Me a PM if your intristed
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    pics coming in a sec


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      Pics uploaded
      Attached Files


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        If I was in Perth I'd definitely come and grab it off you but by the time I'm home in 5 weeks it will most likely be sold. Good luck with the sale.
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          Some more specs please and pictures..


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            How many km's?

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