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  • For Sale shed clean out

    Ipod dock *SOLD*
    Xbox 360 *SOLD*

    Trying to clear the stuff out of my brothers shed before heading over sea's end of the year.
    Being down in Albany may make it a little tricky for people to look at the stuff but i'll be able get the stuff up there every couple of weeks.

    So from the top i have (more photo's available)

    Car Stereo- been installed in my 4wd for about 6months before selling the car
    Alpine iDA-X100 with blue tooth (an expensive extra) (an Awsome head unit!!!)
    12" fusion sub+box
    400wat 2channel fusion amp. not over the top loud but good quality
    $400 or make an offer

    Jack daniel's replica helmet ipod dock (brand new)
    Ipod dock, USB, sd card, remote control, clock, ect
    I'm sure if you looked it up you could get specs.
    Only taken out of box to take photo's
    $100 or make an offer

    Side steps
    Custom made for a 1998 dual cab hilux but they may fit something else. so i
    have included measurements.
    Made of 100mm D and 7mm ally, power coated in a special paint for max durability.
    dose have some scrathes on the under side
    $200 or make an offer

    Ally conopy
    Custom made canopy frame also for 1998 dual cab hilux but again measurments are in
    pics. Has been in shed for a couple years so could do with a bit of a polish
    $200 or make an offer

    * Both custom ally items were in excess of 600 to get made but being custom i
    dont have a clue what they are wroth so feel free to make an offer.

    15x8 mags
    I only have two of them so may suit someone making a trailer or something.
    One i only took out of the box to take a photo and the other has been on spare on
    back of car for a year
    $150 or make an offer

    Iphone 3gs Screen and digitlizer
    Brand new replacment screen and the actuall digitlizer aswell if your phones taken a
    fall. easy to replace
    $40 or make an offer

    Click image for larger version

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    ill take the jacks helmet when are you in perth next i dont mind waiting


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      2nd dibs on lid / dock
      (anarchy in english )


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        ha didnt think it take to long for the lid to sell:-) It is very cool!!!


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          Fellow PSB'ers

          My missus took the car stereo up to perth but the buyer fell through. So if anyone can pick it up tomorrow morning from scarbrough before 9am they can have it for $350. It was a lot of hard work loading it into the car at 4am this morning:-) so dont want it to be a waste of time.

          PM me and i'll be in touch


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            thanks man its awesome.
            p.s well done with your missus


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              haha i should have included in the ad "delivered by good looking couier"


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                  i'm interested in the side steps. how do these mount to the vehicle?


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                    Sorry Migweldo, I've only just seen your post.

                    I had a bracket welded to my chasis and just bolted the steps to that. I have all the 316 stainless bolts, nuts and washers that go with it. If you want more pics/mesurments just ask.