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old Trek push bike 75 dollars or Bundaberg

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  • For Sale old Trek push bike 75 dollars or Bundaberg

    Selling my Trek pushbike (black) that I lovingly restored with a new rim in the back, a new tyre (also black) in the back, possibly a chain which doesn´t look it no more, possibly a new sprocket set (I am sure I paid beer for the installation) in the back. All works and quite a nice ride. Steel frame, light weight, running on really thin tyres makes it go really quick when you -and that is my main concern with it- pedal it. For weight reduction it does not shift at the front but running in the middle it is wide enough spread for people like me getting all excited of having a push bike to be able to go to the shops being all healthy n shit or on a good day even to work, doing it once and then living off the prospect that I could if only I wanted. Which I don´t so a good bike well under what I paid for it or traded for some Bundaberg to make the missus tipsy and then some. She falls over and all, it´s hilarious.
    For your convinience it is already locked up, so you don´t have to lock it up yourself.
    Test rides only with an approved helmet after a lengthy induction talking about health and safety of push bike operation and other things too...while I cut that lock off.
    Located in Forrestfield.