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triton v6 engine required

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  • Wanted triton v6 engine required

    need a triton V6 petrol engine in good order to replace my spun main bearing one

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    I'm after an auto transmission for my '93 NJ Pajero if you find someone willing to sell the motor and box/transfer case together. My Pajero is a 3L V6 12 Valve SOHC. I think you might need more details of your Triton as there are a few types of Mitsi V6's around that era.
    Originally posted by darkfibre
    Just sync the oil changes with her monthly cycle and get all the grumpyness over with, leaving the rest of the month clear sailing.


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      ime pretty sure there are 4 types of these..2 x 24 valve 3lts and 2 x 12 valve 3lts 1 of each with black rocker covers these were the imported motor...2.5k for a triton/challenger/pajero/delica...same motor out of a magna = $7-900...go figure tho on the magna motors you have to swap f/i and other stuff...happy hunting


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        Hi are you still after a 3lt triton motor if so I have a magna 3lt if your intrested