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SOLD: 2007 e70 bmw x5 3.0d

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  • For Sale SOLD: 2007 e70 bmw x5 3.0d

    SOLD: 2007 E70 BMW X5 3.0D

    Automatic. Black metallic paint, black leather, black dash and dark wood (look) trim.

    Yes “D” means diesel. The most sought after engine for these vehicles. Smelly hands when you fill, but go forever on the smell of an smelly finger.

    106,121 klm. Majority country driving (refer below).

    The only owner since being delivered new out of Auto Classic in October 2007 as a custom optioned vehicle. Has served as the family car for the wife in the baby(s)/pram/child seat stage as the bulletproof and safe family transport machine to do the shopping and compare cupcake recipes with mothers groups. On weekends it is often used often to carve a 880 km return trip down the Albany Highway into the Great Southern and back (sealed roads door to door). Has never been used or driven off road (not that you’d want to… the X5 is 4wd but purely a terrace tractor…and it has low 35 series rubber!). Never been wheelied. True.

    Serviced at Auto Classic in Burswood since new and never had issues apart from swapping to a deep cycle battery under warranty in its first few months of life and a rear suspension component that needed swapping out under warranty.

    Is an honest car with 6 years of family use wear and tear. Never been pranged or seen a paint shop (surprising considering it’s the wife’s car). Rims show signs of my wife’s brilliant parking prowess.

    Vehicle drives like a BMW. Brilliant, safe, solid, enjoyable, engaging.

    The car has most important factory options. Was $127,000 on road in 2007. An extract from the purchase contract is attached for options reference and a copy of the full BMW build history for the car is also attached. Options of note are:

    •Zenon Headlights - They are also adaptive and point into the corners as you drive so you can see where you are going before you get there, brilliant.
    •Extra Row of Seats - Lay flat into the rear well, come with their own air con extension, and the car also has to have the self-levelling rear suspension with this installed. Drives very well with a full load or trailer as a result (was a $5k option alone).
    •20 inch rims with rather large (and impressive) boots, being 275/40 R20 front, and massive 315/35 R20 rears. Maybe 50% wear to date (second set since new).
    •Keyless entry and engine start - BMW brand this as “comfort access”. Never have to take the key out of your pocket.
    •Aluminium running board – Looks neat, helps small woman get in/out, and stops fuckers opening the door on your body work (nil door dings as a result).
    •Not included on purchase contract or accessory list (but fitted by Auto Classic a couple of weeks after delivery) was also a factory towbar (bar is removable with one pin). Never used to tow anything heavy any great distance. Used only to tow a boat 200 metres from a storage shed located in Bonny’s Water Sku Parl to their fresh water lake and back.
    •All the parking assistance aids and reversing camera – a must for short arse misses (cute but).

    No aftermarket accessories, butchering, or modifications other than window tinting (organised by Auto Classic by whoever their preferred supplier is prior to delivery at 6,000% markup) and a PSB sticker which I will happily leave on the vehicle…only if I like you.

    The vehicle is no longer under warranty but everything works perfectly as it if it were new.

    Rego until March 2014.

    Non smokers car.

    $45,000 for a prompt no messing around sale. Encourage a look on Car Sales or Red Book.

    Reason for sale is vehicle has been replaced by a new BMW.

    Vehicle located South Perth. PM Deej.

    Last edited by Deej; 30-10-2013, 12:19 PM. Reason: Vehicle has been sold.

    So on the eight day, after wasting time faffing about with unimportant guff like heaven & earth & the waters & sky & creatures [& having a wee kip] & man.... God created PSB (GenesiSX-R1000)

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    Sold. Cheers.

    So on the eight day, after wasting time faffing about with unimportant guff like heaven & earth & the waters & sky & creatures [& having a wee kip] & man.... God created PSB (GenesiSX-R1000)