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Wanted AGP 8x graphics card

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  • Wanted Wanted AGP 8x graphics card

    Hey everyone,

    I am in need of the pinnacle of technology of 2004 an agp 8x graphics card.

    it doesnt need to be flash just working, obviously the cheaper the better

    the one we removed from the computer was a radeon 9550

    let us know if you have anything lying around literally gathering dust


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    Got a stack, floating around the shed. Free to you good sir.

    PM me
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      Have you considered picking up a discarded replacement PC?

      I've actually chucked out PCIe motherboards in the past few years...

      Unless you're using hardware that old for a particular reason?
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        Got an X800 Pro with an Arctic cooling cooler sitting here doing nothing.


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          Still up for this kenty?