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F/S Rega Planar 3 turntabble with Rega Elyse cartridge (perth) $400

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  • For Sale F/S Rega Planar 3 turntabble with Rega Elyse cartridge (perth) $400

    As I have purchased a new RP6 I'm selling my trusty planar 3 with Elyse cartridge.

    The deck is in very good condition always been treated with care theres no chips, cracks, scratches etc. The lid is the darker smoked one and apart from polishing swirlies is in good condition.

    The deck has never missed a beat and has seen minimal use because vinyl isn't my main source and over the years its been packed away because of work in the country meant stereo stayed at home with the folks.

    The Elyse cartridge likewise hasn't seen much use as I originally bought to use with a usb-photo to digitally record my vinyl which lasted 2 albums and couple of 12 inch singles. While I didn't record the time used, its most likely under the 100 hr mark. More recently as I have started listening to vinyl again I swapped the Elyse for a dv 10x5 which I have moved the RP6 along with the groove tracer acrylic platter and alloy sub platter.

    I have re- oiled the spindle and the cartridge reinstalled which the proper tracking weight.

    Good turntable for somebody starting vinyl.

    Will post up some photos asap.

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    First dibs
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      And sold to Mr Mekon :-)