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  • Wanted Child Car Seat

    Looking for a child booster seat to suit 2 girls aged 3 & 4

    I sometimes take my 3 and 4 year old grand daughters out for the day

    trying to remove their seats from their parents car is a nightmare so I thought I would get one to put in my car

    Has anyone got a spare one to sell?
    Nothing fancy is needed, just practical

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    Sporti can u call me please


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      I have a car seat for 0-4 years... It's a safe and sound I think, I used it for my son, never been in an accident is in good nick but has been used for 4 years. $20 and it's yours

      As for your older granddaughter, have a look at Big W, I got a booster seat for my parents car and it is a folding one. I wouldn't use it everyday but it is great for their place. I think it was around $70


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        Wendy, I have a Safe & Sound seat you can have. Good condition still but just needs a wash as the cover got wet from a leak in the cupboard.
        I was just about to throw it (I have 5 seats as I have a Chauffeur business and this is the oldest seat) I'm in Wanneroo but if your still near the Airport I can drop it by early in the week. If you don't want it, you can chuck it.

        Jason Hodges