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Steel bike tanks and gear sprockets

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  • Wanted Steel bike tanks and gear sprockets

    Looking for 2-3 steel bike tanks and assorted sprockets (large and small)

    After its finished it WILL NEVER go on a bike again

    needed for an art project, then will be used as a display.

    If anyone has a spare that they intend to send out to scrap and hopefully not too banged up I would be happy to collect.


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    I just checked a rear sprocket and a couple of front brake rotors in the bin that I could probably fish out if you can be assed coming to get them.
    The Bend

    Hurry Up!!!


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      By steel bike tanks, I'm guessing you mean fuel tanks?

      Once I remove the fuel cap, pump and filter off the one I smashed up you can have that.
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        I've got a GPX tank which is undented, but has a few rust holes through one side sitting in my scrap pile. May have some sprockets too, but would have to check


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          Thanks everyone, had a great response.

          Ive PMed people to arrange pick up, cant wait to go to class on the weekend now

          Once again PSB has come thru