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DJI Phantom v1.1.1 quad copter

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  • For Sale DJI Phantom v1.1.1 quad copter

    I bought this back in October for my trip to Ireland. It comes with original box and packaging etc. Also comes with the following items

    4 X extra 2200mah lipo's (so 5 2200mah batteries in total)
    Swallow LiPo 12v dc or AC powered charger (as well as the standard one)
    GoPro pelican case (water cut insert, not the cheap pluck it type foam insert)
    2 sets of standard props, 1 set never been used
    2 sets of DJI Vision props, again 1 set unused
    1 set of Graupner E-props
    Go-pro damper to remove vibrations (sorry Go Pro not included with sale)
    Also has currently got a Fatshark 5.8Ghz 250mw transmitter fitted, probably keeping the Fatshark goggles for use with my hex copter tho. The fatshark TX includes cable to power and get video from the gopro.
    Will chuck in a set of Spironet antennas for the FPV

    I have replaced the original DJI receiver with a Futaba 2.4GHz s-bus receiver which you can have but you will need to buy a transmitter (Futaba T8J is what i use) or it is easy to re install the original 2.4GHz receiver to allow you to use the standard DJI transmitter.

    Shall take some photos of everything included if there is some interest, shall do that at the weekend anyway as shall probably put it all up on Gumtree

    $1000 for the lot or $1200 and I will include the Fatshark Predator V2 goggles

    ohh four tripple eight four seven four seven four

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