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  • Wanted Desktop Computer

    Hey Guys.

    looking at trying to make my life a little easier around home!

    I'm trying to use an old desktop as a media centre set up. couple of things im looking for:

    Needs wi-fi.
    Prefer HDMI output.
    hopefully easy to expand the HDD Space as i need!

    I'm thinking all it will do is dl movies/ tv shows. and most likely just run them through VLC as this plays anything!

    Flick us through what you have laying around
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    I think [MENTION=7016]okitoki[/MENTION] had one
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      Originally posted by Amish Warrior View Post
      I think okitoki had one

      lol... I have a few to clear out...
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        I've got one I built for the bedroom, but it just doesn't get used enough to justify.

        Intel Celeron processor 2020
        2GB RAM (Might be 4, I'll check tonight)
        160GB hard drive in there currently, board has connectors to expand the storage with another 3 or 5 drives, again I'll confirm which it is
        HDMI out, does Full HD content flawlessly
        USB 3 ports on back, and side of case
        Bitfenix case, white, looks schmick, and packets of room for drives
        Comes with Windows media center remote and receiver, wireless N adapter

        $250 if you're keen