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  • For Sale Moving sale - assorted stuff for people who need things

    Sup niggas,

    Having a clearance sale of various thing and stuff. Will chuck on gumtree, but happy to let stuff go for reasonable offers and save the hassle of talking to too many idiots. there's more to come

    stuff that makes you warm:
    $200 - a gas heater - rinnai rce 329h
    $20 - a sunbeam tower electric ceramic heater
    will also make things cold:
    $600 - dimplex MA16C portable split system A/C. not one of the shitty all in one units that you get on ebay but a proper A/C that you can move around. about 8 odd years old - was stupid moneys, but cools a garage on 40 degree days no wucks.

    [s]stuff to watch moving images on:
    $100 - BenQ W1000 (my outdoor unit, so it has some outdoor character to it) - works fine, 1080P.. probably 1500hrs left on bulb
    $400 - BenQ W1070 (indoor unit, also has a mounting thing), also 1080P. 1000hrs left maybe, but spare naked bulb - 4000hrs worth[/s/

    things to make noise in house:
    $250 - Philips HTL5160 soundbar/sub - this, barely used ->

    stuff to use outside (generally)
    $20 - A lawnmower, works fine. looks shit
    $70 - Ozito Mitre saw, random brand yeh but works fine, They about $300 at bunnos
    $20 - circular saw (again some random brand)
    $20 - another random brand router, probably used 4 times, variable speed but the accuracy of the fine depth adjustment is fucked if that is important

    stuff to put in car to make loud:
    $250 - Pioneer DEH80PRS head unit - basically new, i blew one up re-flashing the BIOS, so they sent replaced it
    $300 - Alpine PDX-F6 (4*150RMS) Amp, works good -
    $350 - Alpine PDX-M12 (1*1200RMS) Amp -
    Alpine SPX17PRO Speakers, Alpine SPR60s.. make an offer, all sound fine
    $100 - 1200W Morel sub - - works great. not a punchy sub if you into that sorta thing

    an engine:
    $3000 - a custom 4.7L supercharged WJ Jeep engine, forged internals, custom ecu blah, m110 blower, full kit... does about 400hp, have water/lpg injector ports in manifold so could go more. it would go great in a buggy. stupid money involved

    $1000 - a car:
    a licenced 2004 Jeep, now with standard engine. above mentioned engine has nicely cunted the spider gears and possibly some transmission internals.
    body is all straight, panels good
    tires are good... road tyres now like 70% on em
    power steering and suspension is fucked from some hard landings
    the brakes need a bleed. they work, so you can drive short distances fine, but when hot one of em locks on making for epic death wobbles. custom steering damper usually stops you smashing into trees. probably don't do freeway though.
    Last edited by Joe Shabadoo; 01-06-2018, 07:40 AM.

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    You never fail to entertain.


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      must be a wrangler if it gets death wobbles, common problem


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        Nah GC


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          Also a free fish tank.. see

          Router and mitre saw are dibs'd.
          Also have an Ikea tallboy, I think it was 399 odd new. $50.
          Good Nick, just no lower shelves and back is removed as had some computing gear in and needed cooling. Junk on top optional.



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            And a MIG120, "weldcorp" mig welder. Gasless. But I think you can run gas. Made in Italy apparently, so good for Ducatis.


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              Last bit of treasure for the night.. stock exhaust off a zx10 (08-10).. plus the baffle box, exhaust flapper, secondary butterflies, and whatever other shit I removed ... Some scratches on exhaust but will get you over pits if stickered. Offers of alcohol accepted


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                Keen on the gasless mig. Location, Joe?


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                  [MENTION=30916]Jaw[/MENTION] ZX10 stock pipe..?


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                    Originally posted by Roy View Post
                    Keen on the gasless mig. Location, Joe?
                    Bayswater, or if before 10 this morning, Hillarys

                    edit: won't be available till tomorrow or Monday ... Bayswater
                    Last edited by Joe Shabadoo; 26-05-2018, 11:40 AM.


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                      Router/Mitre saw sold.. But another discovery

                      Do you love children? and not in a catholic priest way... Well, with this, your child/ren will definitely love you back.
                      Are you sick of your/your partners children? Well, instead of beating them, buy them this and they'll piss off out the back and leave you to smoke cones and play PS4 in peace.

                      Inflatable water slide/play thingy. With shark.
                      Comes with a blower unit. This blows it up.

                      Got it for like $300, but yours for $50


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                        Originally posted by Joe Shabadoo View Post
                        And a MIG120, "weldcorp" mig welder. Gasless.
                        Originally posted by Roy View Post
                        Keen on the gasless mig. Location, Joe?
                        So, if it's a gasless mig doesn't that make it just an 'm'?
                        Originally posted by mekon
                        Why are pirates called pirates?
                        Because they Arrrrrr


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                          does the wire core contain some sort of inert shielding? i dunno.. it say mig on the side, so fuck off i dont care

                          engine, fish tank, heater gone..

                          latest entry - 2 bookcases. amart spec.
                          2 months old. Has a custom painted blue facing edge which was to fit the room decor. bookcase equiv of a hyosung with a body kit.
                          cost: 6 pack of a reasonable beer.


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                            Originally posted by Joe Shabadoo View Post
                            Bayswater, or if before 10 this morning, Hillarys

                            edit: won't be available till tomorrow or Monday ... Bayswater
                            Hi Joe, sorry for the radio silence, had a fucked weekend of work, car trouble and doc appointments.

                            Still keen, can come by Bayswater pretty much any night this week after work. Will PM you now to take it offline


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                              Cheers for the welder, Joe. Pleased to meet you too