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2011 Suzuki Jimny (Auto) 4x4

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  • For Sale 2011 Suzuki Jimny (Auto) 4x4

    Hard to do it but I am buying my old mans Hilux so my beloved Jimny has to go as it isnt practical for Mrs Boeman
    Not advertised elsewhere just yet, purely here and my social media first while I detail it and put the rear seats in/take photos.

    2011 Suzuki Jimny $10,900 firm (FYI no finance owing on car etc)
    120,000km and change (daily driver)
    White colour
    High and Low range 4x4 (via push buttons)
    Owned since new, purchased from Wangara Suzuki Feb 2012
    Serviced at 120,000km last week, next one due in 12 months/15,000km
    Rego until Feb 2019
    Currently a 2 seat with rear flat floor, rear seats currently being put back in and never been used.
    Tough Dog lift kit including coils, shocks, adjustable panhards, castor bushes
    Tough Dog Steering Dampener
    ARB Bull Bar
    BFG All Terrain Tyres 215/R15 70% tread left approx (standard size is 205 FYI)
    Spare Tyre is a General Grabber with 100% tread from first set of tyres (225/R15)
    Black Sunraysia Rims
    Rhino Roof Racks
    Rhino Sunseeker II Awning (key lockable to Rhino Racks)
    Suzuki Floor mats front and rear
    Full log book servicing with Suzuki with receipts (Osborne Park Suzuki)
    Full receipts for all accessories, lift kit (incl install), tyres, roof racks, awning etc.
    Expect each service to be around $500, but this is every 12 months. Cheaper not going to the dealer but this had a 5 year warranty with Suzuki originally.

    The bad:
    Couple of marks from people opening doors on it, as is tradition
    Slight wear to drivers seat RHS from getting in and out, the stitching is pulling, will address this when detailing as I believe it can be stitched tighter again.
    Stone chip to the bonnet
    Handle of dipstick is cracked, genuine Suzuki one ordered and should be in by weeks end.
    Smiley Face to the rear diff as some have seen, its a sticker with paint so can/will be removed at buyers/my discretion.

    The emotional:
    I truly love this car, and if I had the money to keep it for fun I would. Never been in the actual water, just on the beach and unsealed roads, and high pressure cleaned after each time. Will go anywhere you ask of it. Great for running around town, zero issues to date other than the services as required. Basic inside and out but always does the job. Good car for the avid beach goer or someone who wants a cheaper proper 4WD.

    Below picture prior to new tyres and black sunraysia rims but everything else as is:

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    *Stalker* did spot you late last week.

    In sterquiliniis invenitur.


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      Ayyyyy sprung going to Six Zero for my coffee. Car looks good at least because my pic didnt work and photobucket stole my old photos.


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        Some quick pictures since the originals didn't like the hosting website.


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          I'm after a jimny, trying to sell my D40 4x4 dual cab turbo diesel navara to get one, interested in a swap?


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            Originally posted by R160 View Post
            I'm after a jimny, trying to sell my D40 4x4 dual cab turbo diesel navara to get one, interested in a swap?
            Ah bugger, already selling this to buy a hilux off my old man sorry!

            Jimny not listed anywhere else currently, so if you do sell the Navara you are welcome to come take a look.


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              Bump, now listed on Gumtree unfortunately so I can enjoy super lowball offers and scams.



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                  Wow. Gumtree comes though...
                  EXPERIENCE: noun: Knowledge or skill derived from actual participation or direct contact rather than mere study, interest, or internet.


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                    Originally posted by ApatheticEnd View Post
                    Wow. Gumtree comes though...
                    In a bizarre turn of events I had 3 suzuki dealerships after it, go figure.


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                      Originally posted by boeman View Post
                      In a bizarre turn of events I had 3 suzuki dealerships after it, go figure.
                      Probably going to put it on the lot for $16k.
                      Originally posted by Desmo
                      Why be a cunt about it?


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                        Originally posted by Commander Keen View Post
                        Probably going to put it on the lot for $16k.
                        Most likely but I felt like my price was fair. Dealerships can charge a premium. They were all very excited so I let the bidding war commence and then profited.

                        Bought that bad boy for $19k in Feb 2012, in the end it depreciated a touch over $1k a year which I will take any day of the week.