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  • For Sale Selling Stuff on PSB

    A few simple guidelines to help us along.
    • Please use either the For Sale or Wanted prefixes when posting a new thread.
    • Please only post items actually For Sale or Wanted - EOI threads are not permitted.
    • Please post Description of whatever you have for sale. Threads without Pictures and Price will be deleted. Pictures are for your benefit, not ours.
    • Cross Posting and Spam, Please do not duplicate your thread, especially in other sections. Duplicates will be deleted.
    • No piggybacking or cutting in on someone else's FS thread, start your own.
    • Bump your thread no earlier than 7 days since your last post in the thread.
    • Please post only Stuff in this section that does not fit in anywhere else.
    • If you sell your Item please state it on the thread.
    • All threads that reach 60 days without activity are automatically deleted.
    • Follow through on your sale or purchase. PSB is a tight knit group and a bad reputation will haunt you forever, PSB members and staff have great memories.
    • The unwritten rule's of conduct: If somebody says "Dibs" or they "want it" or "will take it" it is customary and expected to give them first chance and so on in order. Playing favorites or excluding someone will get you a bad rep and that will hinder future sales. This must be done on the open forum, pm's have caused too many issue and should be used for trading personal info etc. Keep it Fair
    • No dealer or commercial sales without a Corporate supporter package.
    • Forum Rules Perth Street Bikes USER TERMS & CONDITIONS
    • Scamming, misrepresenting, non payment for parts received, parts delivered that do not meet the description etc. Basically do not pass crap on to the membership, post the faults let people make a decision with their eyes open. Follow through and treat others how you want to be treated, failure to do so or intensionally defrauding someone can result in your membership being terminated.

    Thanks to everyone for their cooperation.
    Please feel free to suggest anything, improvements are always welcome and encouraged.
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