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  • For Sale *sold*

    *SOLD* : 2009 Model Ninja 250R Km's: 21,XXX

    Reason for sale: Glorious time of upgradeage has come.

    Service/Documentation: Bike has been regularly serviced with a documented log book to prove it.

    - Yoshi s/s Slip On
    - Fender Eliminator
    - Keiti Tank Protector

    Dropped?: No the bike has never been dropped.

    Condition: A couple of small marks and a 3cm scratch on the edge of the LHS seat cowl (in pic). The fuel gauge isn't reading but its very cheap to fix, it just doesn't bother me. Other than that it is a mint condition bike and I often get comments on its sex appeal (no joke if i got as many comments as the bike I would be a happy man.)

    History: I live in the hills and most of my kms are done in 6th on Greenmount Hill between Mundaring and Midland so while kms are higher than average it has been treated well and is very well priced so it will have good resale value!

    Its got the price, the sporty look and the quality of build. It will not disappoint!

    *SOLD* .
    Test rides only with cash in hand.
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    Much love for you.

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    Much love for you.


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      Wknd bump! Will sell for a flat $5,000! It isn't going any lower. Fresh pics up this arvo.
      Much love for you.


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        Another Cheap starting bike!!

        GL with sale!!


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          thanks buddy! just gave her a full "fairings off" clean, will get fresh photos up asap.
          Much love for you.


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            pics up! I'll refrain from bumpage till next friday i promise...or someone could buy it :o
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            Much love for you.


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              New guys - this is a bargain. Don't let it get away.


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                Hit that.


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                  Rego is paid till september (5 months left).

                  also, cheers fellas ^_^
                  Much love for you.


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                    $1000 off the normal second hand price of these bikes for a tiny chip/scratch and a dodgy fuel gauge that doesn't matter anyway? Ok, so it has done slightly higher k's than some of the other ninja's on here, but as long as it's looked after properly, that shouldn't be an issue. Someone buy this bike.
                    In the absence of light, darkness prevails...


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                      fuck me, what a bargain! good luck with the sale!


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                        PM sent