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zxr250 fighter again. $500.

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  • For Sale zxr250 fighter again. $500.

    ok got it going and rode it to work and the head gasket has blown. so its for sale again for $500. now has headlight still needs indicators and brake light looked at and now the head gasket. also has less parts as my dad threw out a box of parts thinking they were rubbish. but not much realy.

    comes with rear stand.

    looking for a quick sale so be fast or it may goto the wreakers if they are fair enough.

    so as u can see the head gasket has gone. the headlight is just straped on with some rubber tube atm and it was blue i sprayed it with black but its chipped away. the front indicators arnt included i just borrowed them. but the mounts that are on there can stay. the headlight was bought from motorcycle masters and they told me they were taken off some dirt bikes to get them road registered but since they have the stamp on them cops shouldnt hassel u. also the left mirror broke when it was in the truck last night. i still have the glass part which is fine just needs a way to mount it.
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    why do you say the head gasket is blown? has it lost compression? i may be interested for the right price!


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      Also whats your number?


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        oh sorry forgot the number. head gasket is gone , i can tell due to the large amount of white oil in the oil cap and due to the loss of compression. it was running like an ass while i tried to baby it home then turns out i ran out of fuel. was lucky after 4km push some guy stopped with his truck and took me to my door step. legend.

        since last time it was up i put in new fuel lines , got the holes in the tank welded but 1 very tiny 1 has shown up which is currently pluged and i put in a fuel filter which u can buy replacement filters for it. i also got a headlight and i had an danmoto speedo on order but ill cancel that. but they are only $80 shipped. it currently has bicycle speedo but the magnet feel off.


        already have someone keen to veiw it tomorrow , ill try to be fair but first with the money will get it.

        "also if i dont answer leave your number and ill ring u back as i tend to loose my phone"