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1986 Kawasaki GPZ1000 RX

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  • For Sale 1986 Kawasaki GPZ1000 RX

    Hi all,

    Decided to sell this bike to make some space for another bike. I bought it for nostalgic reasons with the intention of fully restoring the bike but never properly got in to it.

    What I know about the bike:-

    - It starts reliably, runs and rides, everything works.
    - ODO says 53000km, dunno if that is real or not.
    - The overflow coolant tank is missing. I sourced a replacement one from the wreckers but never fitted it - will come with the bike.
    - Bike seemed to be over-heating when I first got it. I flushed the radiator, changed the pressure cap for a new one and installed a thermo fan switch in the dash. Seems to be ok now (whole system will be complete with new overflow tank).
    - The tyres have good tread (see pics)
    - I just put 6 months rego on it.
    - When i had my other bikes serviced recently I asked the mechanic to give the GPZ a safety check - he said it was safe to ride.
    - The fairings look like they have been repaired in the past. The assembly of the fairings is a bit messy, mounts not complete in placed, odd screws and bolts etc etc.
    - The motor feels strong and seems to have plenty of pull.
    - Has a 4-1 pipe - megacycle - loud with a nice exhaust note in my opinion.
    - I bought a new battery for it about 6 months ago (Motobatt).

    In 1986 this was the fastest production street bike

    I am not very mechanically minded with bikes so don't ask me anything too hard.

    have spent some $$$ on this. I am attempting to get less than I paid for this just to shift it.

    $ 2200.

    PM or call Mark xxxxxxxxxx

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        sold please close