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SOLD 1998 ZX9R Blue $3500

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  • For Sale SOLD 1998 ZX9R Blue $3500

    Time to sell my much loved ZX9R,

    I have had it for nearly 5 years, it's always been regularly serviced since I've had it.
    It is all in original condition, it has new chain and sprockets, and near new tyres.
    I had the Venturi gear sack rack fitted soon after I bought it, and the bag is included.
    Have just paid the registration till 4th March 2012.
    It's had a stationary drop by the previous owner which put some minor scratches on rhs fairing, mirror and brake lever. He said he dropped in the carport while trying to move it.
    It's about due for another service, but it is all in very good condition for it's age and I still get positive comments about it almost everytime I take it out.
    The only real drama is the milage at 124500, most of these kms were long runs as I have family in and near Geraldton, friends in Bridgetown, Albany etc.
    I would like to get around $3500, if you think it's too much, make a reasonable offer.
    I'm selling it because I have just picked up an awsome ZX10R (guess that means I'm going to have to think of a new nick name)
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    That's not a bad looking bike mate!

    Good luck with the sale!


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      One of these was my first decent bike. Ah the memories.

      Good luck with the sale dude

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      Every one has a story.....


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        it is a great looking bike, I still don't know if I'm asking too much. Guess i'll have to wait and see if I get any offers


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          $3000 - $3500 is around the right price due to the high k's


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            sounds about right
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              thanls guys, have dropped price to 3500


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                A lot of bike for not much $

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                Every one has a story.....



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                  Flargle my blargle, that's a pretty sweet deal there. Love my 9, does everything well, will keep up with anything else in the twistys, doesn't shame itself at the drags, can give you a massive smile that lasts for days when you take it for a fang on your favourite back road, throw a tank bag on and go touring with ease, I've even taken mine down dirt tracks, surprising the hell out of 4wd's coming the other way.

                  Will wheelie and stoppie well, set up the suspension and she'll turn in on command yet still be stable at any speed. Exceptionally frugal on fuel, good for commuting, excellent tank range (240ish to reserve, 320ish before empty), Can split though traffic easily. 10 hours or more in a day is no hassle. Fairing will keep 90% of the rain off if going over 60kph (seriously, I was out in a heavy shower and the only things that got wet were the tops of my legs and my helmet). Lots of power available in any gear, power delivery is nice and smooth with a nice hit at ~7k, but is still usefull around town due to the nice amout of torque available.

                  IMHO, the perfect roadbike.
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                  Originally posted by filbert
                  it's like a ducati with the motor put in sideways for people who are too scared of the power of harley davidsons


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                    Last chance at $3500 for PSB'rs, advertised yesterday for $4000 and already getting calls to see it on the weekend