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/EOI: Honda CBR6F4i Stunt Bike

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  • For Sale /EOI: Honda CBR6F4i Stunt Bike

    FS/EOI: F4i Stunt Bike

    Fully set up stunter, no more to spend

    Stunter deets:

    Honda CBR600F4i 2001 model
    klms: 49500
    Has clean compliance plate but no rego
    Reason for sale: New project on the way
    Price: $3400

    Stunt specific Parts include:

    2nd idle adjuster mod
    CBR954 radiator with twin fan mod and switch
    Renthal MX Gold bars with risers off the standard top tripple plate
    Rebuild clutch pack, new heavy duty springs and Ezypull clutch leaver
    Oil pickup mod
    Rebuilt forks specificaly for stoppies
    Dubs industries wave rotors
    V'orlandi rubber crash bungs that fit inside the Sick innovations cage
    Clean-air mod
    rearranged ignition and instruments away from possible crash damage
    Side stand mod
    Round 12 o'clock bar
    Full Throttle inc dual 4 piston caliper bracket with Brembo handbrake
    60 tooth rear Vortex sprocket and new Jap 530 HD oring chain.
    OMR subcage with pegs
    Hollywood stunt parts axle pegs
    Orion tail light
    exhaust wrap
    Slash cut underslung pipe with removable baffle
    Seat lock mod
    BMC race air filter
    Nitrox fuel commander
    Bashed-in fuel tank for sitting in/standing
    Cutdown leavers and pegs to reduce damage
    Stickers/Camo fabric and Zip ties to hold it all together


    SPARES include:
    Original front mudguard
    Rear subframe
    Rear wheel, with 55 and 60 tooth rear sprocket and carrier
    Original Brake rotors
    Flat 12 o'clock bar
    Hollywood stunt parts underslung pipe
    Side fairings and random plastics
    Random MX bars
    standard clip ons
    standard F4i exhaust and a cut down assasin version
    Spare Front and rear tyres
    Standard F4i wiring
    spare master-cylinder
    as seen in these pics:

    Originally the bike came from the East Coast and has been serviced regular since its been in my hands. Has only been ridden once this year but has done a few shows in the previous years. Yes it has been crashed, wheelied and stoppied.

    All enquiry's will be replied to, Pm fine or in this thread but please use google for understanding Modifications. Thanks
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    Awesome bike for anyone that wants a cheaper way into stunting.
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      would love this. good luck with sale


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        Sickest stunter ever... love the camo theme. $4k is too cheap imo
        Originally posted by darkfibre
        Just sync the oil changes with her monthly cycle and get all the grumpyness over with, leaving the rest of the month clear sailing.


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            Open to offers/deals/trades ect... It just sits there tormenting me

            The phone pictures dont do it justice, so come for a look in Malaga or Greenwood and you wont be disappointed.
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              Hey Kevin,

              I am interested in the rear sub frame. I'll have to first have a look at it. Please PM me a time that would suit you, and I'll come by.


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                hey is this still for sale ???
                When life gives you lemons


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                  Yes/sort of Pm'ed


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                    Long shot, is this bike still available?


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                      kev just give this slut to me you know its going to a mad rider then


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                        Hoy hoy,

                        Drop by for sum beers BugCrak


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                          Deal fell through, and it still hasnt been ridden for about a year.

                          I will buy a new battery for a buyer as the old one is on its way out.

                          Some parts like the spare wheels and fairings have gone so lets get this out of my shed for $3400 ono

                          Pm me for more deets


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                            would you take 2900?


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                              Nice lowball. It's already cheap, what's your gripe with it currently to bargain it down?