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K5 GSXR1000 trackbike, ready to race! $6500 Neg.

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  • For Sale K5 GSXR1000 trackbike, ready to race! $6500 Neg.

    Hi everyone,

    I bought this trackbike from a guy in Melbourne and have raced it up at Wanneroo for shits and giggles. I have decided I don't want it, as my plans have moved from modifying this bike to devising a completely custom framed bike.

    So it's still an awesome track bike well worth the asking price but I can be talked down.

    It comes with Oggie knobs, case sliders, sharks fin, chain guard and rear-sets. Has 49500 km on it, most of this as a road going bike. The frame is straight with no road rash or other damage. Has a set of Dunlop Q2s on it and they're only seen one trackday's use. Has a power commander and the previous owner had it dyno tuned at 170 hp as he felt the top end was a bit weak :o Inspections are most welcome, and test-rides are strongly discouraged. Not saying no; just that it's strongly discouraged

    email me at [email protected] and make an offer!

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    Hi all, it's been on the market a while now with few bites, so I've knocked $500 off.

    Asking $6500 now.



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      Wow, quiet around here. Weather is getting good... perfect time to get yourself a track bike

      I should add, it comes with an owners manual on CD, and a spare set of levers should you have any 'incidents'


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        Still available??
        Originally posted by devolved
        I did once have a chick yell "Take me with you" as I rode past on my GT250 once, I can only imagine the chick-pulling power of the 650.


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          Woah, hey! Yes still available. Sorry I don't come by here that often. I have re-listed it on Gumtree too (and get all the ads popping up on every Google search...).

          Come have a look at it any time. Zero four two two 191 five one 1.

          Cheers mate,


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            Bump. I still need to sell the bike since my employment is looking shaky. No idea what's going to happen next month, but selling this bike would make it a lot more comfortable. $6500 is a pretty fair deal, and I'm flexible with it so come and have a look!

            It's never been written off and the frame is straight and blemish free, so if you were keen you could revert it back to a road going bike.


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              Price reduction!

              $6000 firm. Please don't offer less as you might be ignored. This is a sweet bike in excellent condition, and if you don't believe me come and inspect it any time! There's about $300 worth of bling on it to make it track-worthy; $300 you don't have to spend on it!


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                Would be keen as I'm looking but won't have spare $ until jan feb, if still for sale by then.


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                  Judging by the climate I'd say there's a good chance it will still be here in January, but I'll update if I get another offer....


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                    K5 GSXR1000 Stolen!


                    This bike has been stolen! Some asshole called "Heath" came around to look at it, took it for a "quick test-ride around the block" and stole it! He left his van and keys in the driveway as collateral, but it obviously wasn't his. ARGH! Last seen in the Joondanna area around 6:40 pm Sunday 21/10/2012.

                    Please, if you spot this bike anywhere, report it as it's in the hands of the cops now.

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                      Fuck mate bad news spose no insurance?

                      Can't trust anyone these days, I'm close by so will keep a look out for it

             - - -


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                        Fucken hell sorry to hear mate. Hopefully it's recovered soon before its parted out.


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                          Ta guys. I'm not keeping my hopes up for getting it back in one piece, but I do hope the fucker cops something in return.


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                            Fuck sakes. Surely wont get far without lights.
                            Hope it's found in good nic.


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                              Can't trust anyone anymore, very good luck in finding the bike back, did this "heath" contact you from PSB or privately??

                              EDIT: Sorry noticed there's a thread for the stolen bike!
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