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2007 Triumph Daytona $8,500

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  • For Sale 2007 Triumph Daytona $8,500

    It's time for my beautiful 2007 675cc Daytona and I to part company. I have plans for some long distance riding and that means the bullet needs to go to a new home.

    30, xxx kms
    Braided lines
    Carbon fibre hugger
    Fantastic condition
    S20 on the rear which has only had 200 KMs on it

    No tyre kickers and test rides only if I have a large pile of folding stuff in my hand first.


    0404 798 652

    ETA - The bike is now up on Gumtree for $8700 so you all get to save a couple of hundred bucks by being PSBers.
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    Just do it. Seriously, if you look up the standing rules of PSB it goes something like this.

    1. Dont be a dick
    2. Desmo is allowed to be a dick (sometimes)
    3. Buy the one with the most Duke
    4. Dont ask about fixing the search function.
    etc etc..


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      Desperately trying to find a test-ride one from a dealership just to be 100% sold on the Daytona.
      Is the exhaust just a can or full system?


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        Get the cash, ride this one.

        Does it make you smile yes/no.

        Riding one at a dealership isn't going to tell you anything if the suspension is set up different to mine
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          Will do my best to get things together asap as im still waiting on insurance to be sorted.
          If I have cash present would you be ok shadowing me? obviously I drop it I buy it.


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            No problems
            Not my circus, not my monkeys


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              Still for sale
              Not my circus, not my monkeys