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2001 Yamaha R6 Track bike EOI/Sale

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  • For Sale 2001 Yamaha R6 Track bike EOI/Sale

    My plans for this bike were to take it through Clubman and then upgrade after i decided to goto a different class, but when i bought my house those plans kind of went out the window.
    Also the fact that i just changed jobs really does not help with the whole cost of a track day thing.

    So here we go

    2001 Yamaha R6
    Never been down
    Can be registered again And from what i can see has all parts to do so.

    Previous owner:
    Race Glass
    rebuilt gearbox so she is silky smooth
    Upgraded springs in the front
    plenty of servicing
    new coils
    Dyno tuned
    Front Rear and Chain
    Frame Sliders
    Braided front brake lines
    Gear Position Indicator
    Danmoto Muffler/Mid

    Me: which i have taken to Barbs about 5 times since owning it.
    Woodcraft Clip ons (below the triple)
    Kaneg Rear sets
    As of today, Brand new AGM battery (last one didnt survive storage :S)

    Comes with:
    Spare tail fairing (race)
    Spare front wheel fairing (race)
    Most if not all road parts and original parts
    Haynes Service manual

    This bike would be perfect for someone wanting to get into racing, all you would need to do is lockwire it, It has been stored in my dining room whilst not being used
    It took me an my 100KG naked weight (plus leathers and gear on top of that) easily around barbagello and within 5 trips i was passed on my race license, so an excellent bike to learn on
    also its a Yammy R6, you can find spare parts for these anywhere in the occasion that you crash

    Im looking for $4000

    0424 617 417
    or PM me

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    Additional items that may be negotiated upon purchase

    Kaneg tyre warmers
    Qstarz BT-Q1000eX 10Hz lap timer
    Rear stand
    Front stand (if i can find the correct head fitting)
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      I spose we're due a bump here somewhere


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        Price drop to $3700
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          Im currently overseas and looking for a track bike when I get back, so if I can gather the funds by Feb/early March then am keen to possibly buy it for sure.


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            cheers mate, if my one is gone by then i think i know of a guy who will be wanting to unload another one of these so if sold by the time you have money still get in touch with me


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              Take it away for $3500

              you know you want it


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                Interesting, I'll give you a call today


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                  Aaaaaand its gone

                  Just sold it