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  • For Sale Please close, removed from sale

    Hi All,
    I have just completed this bike but I need to get some cash out of it for a new house purchase. It currently owes me a little over $3800 (with 6 mnths rego now) so will throw it out there for anyone looking for such a bike.
    I have added new tyres, new lithium battery, all new seals and fluids including full carb rebuild, triple tree, new fairings in Rothmans colours and I am sure this will now serve well for years.
    It starts first and every time and runs just as a v4 400cc sports bike should.
    The only thing left doing is painting the tank to match the fairings - I have since purchased another tank and it will be painted hopefully in the next couple of weeks to match the fairings via the fairing manufacturer (the tank cover shown is not available as it was broken on arrival, but that is how the tank will look). The tank isn't included at this stage, but would be about $400 delivered, when it is painted. So let me know if you want it.

    I have all the paperwork and it is freshly registered for 6 months, so let me know if you are interested.


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    Bump - back onto the market


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      My god that is gorgeous. Good work mate. If only it were learner legal... probably only need to shave off like 4-5kw and it would be.


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        Thanks. Yeah, if only... In the UK they can be legally restricted to 33BHP which then makes it viable for the UK version of LAMS. Unfortunately that isn't an option here (AFAIK)


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          Bump - Any takers? Open to offers.


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            Bump, again... :-(


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              Gorgeous bike mate, wish I could buy it!

              Originally posted by boeman
              Well it wouldn't have been fair to have a beard, a hot young missus AND a nice bike, now would it?

              I mean fuck, im not a selfish cunt.
              Originally posted by Chuck Steak
              Well fuck off then. And wherever you decide to fuck off to, keep telling them Perth is a shithole - it may help minimise the number of fuckwits/arseholes (can’t decide which word is more appropriate ) that move here.


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                Thanks, I wish you could buy it too!
                If it helps, the spare tank is due to be finished next week and be here a week or so after that so it will be "complete" in Rothmans livery.