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2008 Triumph Rocket 3 Classic

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  • For Sale 2008 Triumph Rocket 3 Classic

    After my accident I wanted to ride again at least until I had overcome any fears of doing so. I've achieved that, but am still making the difficult decision to walk away from riding at least until my son is much older.

    This bike was on my bucket list of bikes I just had to own once, and if I was continuing riding then it would remain a "must have".

    I take very good care of my bikes, and this one is no exception. If anything wasn't exactly how I wanted it I would have replaced it. It has Triumph (TOR) upgraded pipes, so has a nice tone without being as obnoxious as my previous cruiser. It also has Ikon rear suspension and has just had a custom ECU tune (fuel and ignition remapped, as well as secondary limiting in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd removed). It can be a big, docile teddy bear if you take it easy, but if you get wild it's like a silverback gorilla with a hot poker up its butt.

    I'll have to get some new photos, as these are from when I bought it just a few months ago, but the only thing different aesthetically is a new rear tyre.

    42xxx kms

    $14900 ono
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    This bike truly is immaculate, so if you have been wanting one of these then have a look and make an offer!
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      Sold pending pickup, and one heartbroken Buffle.

      and SOLD
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