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  • For Sale Cbr250rr

    Hi guys I would like to sell my CBR250rr. I have not ridden it for 2 years at least so it has been chilling out in my brothers garage for that time.

    I believe it’s a Japanese import and I am not sure about the date.

    I want to be as honest as possible as I don’t want an angry buyer calling me up later. There are quite a few things wrong with it, however I had learnt to deal with them to ridden the bike regardless of the imperfections.

    And the list:

    • Dropped by the previous owner and consequently has a dented fuel tank and broken fairing (got it cheap because of it).
    • Headlight button stuck on high beam. If I remember correctly only one of the low beam
    • Front screen cracked/broken, however I have a new one that has not been installed and will be given to the buyer
    • ~65,000km done
    • Probably needs new tires
    • Seat lock mechanism does not work however I have secured it with a bit of imagination
    • Definitely needs a major service
    • Not registered and will need to be taken over the pits

    Before I stopped riding it, I did take it a couple of times to Ktec for a service (so they do have a record of the bike), new chain, sprocket and battery.

    I admit it is pretty rough but with $1500 (or so) it could be a great learners bike once again.

    I going to be optimistic and ask for $2000 ono.

    Send me a PM or sms 0408831944

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