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2007 1098 $15500

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  • For Sale 2007 1098 $15500

    Ok a few people will quickly realise that I spent some time about 12 months ago trying to sell my 1098.
    In the end only had a few tyre kickers, well had one pretty keen but the bike decided it was staying put.
    Turned out to be the regulator had died so has a near new reg installed along with a new battery.
    Has hardly been ridden the last 12 months, got a few other projects on the go so time for it to leave.

    21000 odd kms I think, possibly more will check when Im home next week.
    Vortex rear sets
    woodcraft clutch cover
    also picked up a new set of exhaust cans a while back, rebuilt standard pipes in carbon fibre, basically termi knock offs. Not perfect but definately sounds a lot nicer.
    Other than that is pretty much unmolested, did do a track day on it last year, have since bought a dedicated bike for that though.
    If I remember anything else Ill update.
    Pics to be added later.
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