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'Fire Sale' 1 or 2 bikes must go!

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  • For Sale 'Fire Sale' 1 or 2 bikes must go!

    Ok guys,

    Look at my 'collection' of bikes to your left.

    All are fun/fast/sexy bikes and I unfortunately have to sell one, possibly two of them.

    I love them all so am letting fate decide which one(s) go.

    Asking price guide:

    Nuda 900R - $12 500, 5K kms.
    RS250 - $6 900, 11K kms.
    RSVR1000 - $10 000, 24K kms.
    SXV 450 - $5 000, 7K kms.

    Send me a PM if interested in any of them.
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    Pics? What year?


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      Unfortunately its not to fund a new toy. If the Nuda sells tho I can keep the other 3 bikes, I would kinda prefer that than selling the RS250 and the SXV for example. Ive been a bit naughty and kept a line of credit going from my old business. The bank have called it in as the business is no longer running and my new business is not in my name (so my soon to be ex-wife cannot get her hands on any of its value) So I have to come up with just over $10 000 cash in the next month or so to avoid future dramas with that. The plan was to go down to two bikes anyway as I won't have room for them soon anyway when I move in with my new partner.

      Hopefully can find genuine buyers here as I am not looking forward to putting multiple bikes up on Dumtree.


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        Bump Up.

        2012 Nuda 900R - $12 500, 5K kms.
        2001 RS250 - $6 900, 11K kms.
        2006 RSVR1000 - $9 500, 24K kms.
        2006 SXV 450 - $5 000, 7K kms.

        Can email pics if interested.


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          Thread bump, all bikes still available for sale.


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            Some pics might help you get a result [MENTION=9922]SPIRITED[/MENTION]
            I cant help it if your perceptions don't match my reality


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              Agreed, but I can't post them


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                fair enough, create a Photobucket or other online image sharing account, upload to that site. click on the picture in your library, on the right there are a few "links" choose IMG, copy, add new post select picture add, click and choose paste,


                let me know how you go
                I cant help it if your perceptions don't match my reality


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                  I'll have a crack, in the meantime is a link to the Gumtree add for the SXV:


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                    Bump, and Nuda no longer for sale.


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                      ^Please explain....^
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                        Your gumtree also says the SXV is sold?


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                          SXV not sold, just didn't want to have multiple bikes on gumtree at the same time.


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                            Deposit taken on SXV.


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                              So what's left?