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2012 Ducati 1199 Panigale

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  • For Sale 2012 Ducati 1199 Panigale


    Full service history
    One owner from new
    Never dropped or crashed
    24,000 km service done
    Serviced every 6,000kms
    Just detailed at Clean Ride
    Evotech levers
    Evotech radiator guards
    Comes with Kaneg rear stand and Ventura rack

    First things first - I want to put potential buyers minds at rest. I’ve owned the bike from new, 4 years now, and in that time I have successfully fathered a child which proves that your testicles will still function normally when you own a Panigale. Sure the kid has horns and scales but I love Mongo almost as much as I love this bike. Now if you want to know about all the features of the 1199 Panigale in detail you can just Google it. You probably already know the score: V-twin, wet clutch, adjustable traction control, adjustable ABS, multiple engine maps, extremely narrow, powerful, flickable, sensual.

    It has been serviced at Corse Motorcycles every 6,000kms. Service intervals are 12,000kms but as I am a proponent of preventative maintenance it goes in twice as often. The bike comes with all original documentation, along with the full service history from new. The bike has just had it’s 24,000km service – the big one – so is ready to go to a new owner without them needing to drop the oil or worry about maintenance for a while. It's running EBC HH pads at the moment and they've got less than 1000kms on them.

    It has been well looked after…

    The fairings have always had a thick layer of Swissvax Shield (expensive wax) applied usually in one of my extended washing sessions which can take me up to 6 hours, 4 if nothing sexual happens. The chain has been meticulously maintained (as all chain drives should be) and it's always garaged.

    It has a modest amount of aftermarket bits…

    It has full length adjustable foldable Evotech levers and an Evotech radiator guard. It has a carbon fibre heat shield on the rear exhaust loop – which is kind of holding up to the heat. There is a reason NASA don’t use carbon fibre as their re-entry heat shields. I do have the original heat shield should you wish to go back to good old reliable aluminium.
    Hardly a feature (but it is Italian after all) it comes with a trickle charger which plugs into a quick connector on the side. Only necessary if you don’t intend on riding for a few weeks.

    Should you wish to frighten a loved one…

    It normally has the smooth red cowl on the ducktail but it also comes with a custom made pillion seat for maximum grip and comfort. It uses thicker foam which as been carved into a slight saddle shape and covered by grippy material. It was crafted by a proper motor trimmer. It means that you can launch full candles and be reasonably confident your wife/husband/girlfriend/boyfriend will still be attached when you arrive. It has been the envy of many Ducati pillions we’ve bumped into over the years.

    Should you wish to lift the rear or carry some luggage (read a small bag)…

    The bike also comes with Kaneg single sided swing arm stand and amazingly for a Panigale, a Ventura rack! Extremely easy to bolt on and off it just means that when you go away on an overnighter you won’t need to carry a back pack!

    It’s been detailed by the best in the business for you… for Christmas…

    As a gift to the new owner it has been expertly detailed by the team at CleanRide. So it’s looking as good as the day I picked it up new. The wheels are looking mint, you could eat off the drive train and exhusts, and the it's shiny all over. All the plastics have had special stuff applied to them. I’ll admit that when I picked it up I didn’t feel like selling it anymore. To preserve this new freshness, it’s currently sitting under sheet and I’ve been using the old GSXR instead - which is like a whale compared to the Panigale.

    It’s not a boring bike, it’s not a common bike, it’s a visceral experience and very very fast. I’m only listing this on PSB for now as I have both bought and sold bikes on here before and it’s just a much easier, trustworthy way of buying and selling bikes, compared to the “open market”. I've priced it below every 1199 on the market and what I believe to be fair value.

    Feel free to ask me any questions you may have. I hope someone in the PSB Community will enjoy it for many years to come!

    Stu 0413498400 or PM

    Spiral out, keep going...

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    Imagine this under the tree on Christmas Eve...
    Spiral out, keep going...


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      If I hadn't have been unemployed for so long, it would have been. Lovely bike mate. Must be hard to part with it.

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        If I bought it my wife would be making me sleep under a tree out the front... So nice

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        soon to be on the dirt...


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          The best thing to do is just surprise her! Taaaaa daaaaa!
          You'll only be under the tree for a few days (a week tops) and it will be just like camping. I tell you what, I'll give you $300 cash back so that
          you can get her a little something something.

          I'd better mention a selling point while I'm at it. It's got an LCD dash which can do all kinds of fancy things, like change colours
          when it's dark or when you go through the tunnel. It can also tell you what the air temperature is which would be handy if your
          camping under a tree.
          Spiral out, keep going...


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            Well posted my friend!

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            soon to be on the dirt...


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              Questions: Has this actual bike been featured in a calendar? And if so, did it make December or one of the lesser months?


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                  amazing bike mate. Good luck selling it.

                  I might pop down to Frasers and sit on one to see if i fit.
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                    C'mon, It's got your name written on it Tim!

                    Please... I've literally etched your name on it with a compass.
                    Spiral out, keep going...


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                      Price reduced to $16,400.
                      Spiral out, keep going...


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                        You deserve something nice.
                        You've earned it.
                        You're worth it.
                        Spiral out, keep going...


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                          PM Sent


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                            PM sent

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                              Spiral out, keep going...