I'm considering selling my 2000 Silver ZX12R - this is one of the originals before the speed restrictions came in.

It's obviously an older bike now and has 120,000kms on it. However, it's only ever been used for daily freeway commuting doing on average 250kms a week and hence has had a super easy life. In all the years I had it its done less than 10 weekend outings and they have all been short. 99.9% a commuting bike in rush hour freeway traffic. The engine is still super strong and feels like it will just keep going forever (there is a good reason Kwaka used these same engines in their Jetskis)

Anyway, the reason for my post is that I honestly don't have a clue how much to sell it for since there are so few out there to compare values. Plus I don't know if there is any interest. I'm not looking to sell for an inflated price, but at the same time I don't want to screw myself either. I'll sell it for a fair price. Once I know what that is I will post an addie.

Feel free to offer comments on target price and if anyone is interested to talk further and get more details feel free to DM me about it.

Cheers and ride safe!