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Wanted:- 1/2 decent DTI / Dial Test Indicator + magnetic base

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  • Wanted Wanted:- 1/2 decent DTI / Dial Test Indicator + magnetic base

    Long shot, but looking for a DTI with magnetic base. Dont want cheap eBay rubbish, but cant justify too much as its just for checking run-out on brake disks, crank journals etc...which is one off type of thing.

    Anyone got one they dont want/need for ~$50?


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    Commonly known as a dial gauge.


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      Worth checking: what $ do Fiora want for them? IIRC it wasn't much more than $50, maybe $100 including the gauge, block base and a couple of struts to hang between. Then you get a new one that hasn't had its needle bent...
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        Cheers CS..I`ll look around a few of the tool suppliers/machinist places and see what the $$ values are. Trouble is a decent Mitutoyo setup is $250+.
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          one catalogue I just saw was 68 for base and gauge.
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            There are plenty of cheap dial indicators available (as cheap as $30 new), but the mag base will cost you - I dont think I've seen them advertised very often for under $100.
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              You will get a kingcrome one for with base for around a $100 now depending on what your using it for it should be find I personally don't recommend them as I feel that they are shiter then shit but in my trade accuracy is the key
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