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    I've got 2 identical timber motorcycle crates I won't be needing any longer. I had them made by Aussie crates in Welshpool to send 2 bikes to NZ and then back to Perth, so the crates are made of the correct heat treated timber to ISPM-15 ( that's the blue painted stamp at the top of the crate in the first pic ). I screwed the side and top on after loading the bike up, and they were very solid, and survived 2 trips across the Tasman by sea. They are dissasembled now ( flatpack ), but when assembled see the pics below, I had a Kaneg front wheel chock bolted in there, and the the bikes were 2020mm long, and the back end of the crate is there so can't fit a bike longer than 2020mm unless you remove the 1 back horizontal panel that is right at tyre height then you could probably get another 40mm in there before the bike would stick out. You can get a pallet jack under them easily, and a forklift. I'll chuck in the galvanised steel hooks for your tie-downs to hook onto, and the wood screws if I can find them. Kaneg wheel chock doesn't come with it.

    $100 each, including free delivery in the greater Perth metro area ( no pick-ups ).

    IMG-20200228-WA0001 by JAFA851, on Flickr

    IMG-20200228-WA0004 by JAFA851, on Flickr

    IMG-20200228-WA0000 by JAFA851, on Flickr

    IMG-20200228-WA0009 by JAFA851, on Flickr

    IMG-20200228-WA0010 by JAFA851, on Flickr

    IMG-20200228-WA0013 by JAFA851, on Flickr
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