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Some pages seem to stick in an Ajax refresh loop

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  • Some pages seem to stick in an Ajax refresh loop

    Noticed last night and this morning, scroll down a thread and browser (FF) kept jumping back up to the top. WTF? Ahh, look at status bar and it's in some kind of loading loop "transferring data from" between:
    PSB - Perth Street Bikes - The Official Website of The Perth Sports Bike Community
    Google Analytics | Official Website

    Refreshing the page doesn't fix it, closing the tab and totally re-loading it seems to work. Could/probably a browser issue but thought it worth passing on in case Nath is developing a case of passionfingers...
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    Yes. I'm seeing this too. FWIW, I just got an error message for this script: chrome://fflinkfilter/content/IKavLinkHighlightFilter.js:126
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      I stopped it, then refreshed it and it worked.
      In saying that, i closed my browser, reopened it and it seems to have gone away.


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        No it hasn't.
        I was wrong.
        I still have the Ajax refresh loop thing happening.


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          Doing it for me too. Just have to catch it doing it and hit stop.
          I though it may have something to do with the facebook link refreshing itself, checking for 'likes,' somehow kicking into overdrive.


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            Ahh its not just me, i am experiencing the same thing.
            Also when i view a thread, then return to the main forum, its showing unread again.


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              Me too in chrome.
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