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PSB throwing old pages at us?

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  • PSB throwing old pages at us?

    No doubt you're already on it, but there seems to be a problem with updating content. Pretty much every page (subscribed threads page, individual threads, main page etc) is coming up as an old (cached?) version. New posts don't show up until I go to the page and then hit refresh. Similar on subscribed threads list: I visit the thread, but it still says there's new posts until I refresh the page. Not sure if it's just lag in updating on the server or if something is completely broken.

    I've emptied my cache/cookies/etc including dns cache. No change in Firefox or Ie.

    (of course, it could be a while before people see this, given the nature of the problem )

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    yeah, I'm noticing it too. Loading a thread doesn't bring up new posts, but they get picked up if you refresh/F5
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      it also accounts for at least some of the logging in problems (as I said in the other thread). People log in and then get redirected to the un-logged-in page. Refresh that one you're magically logged in.


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        Possibly fixed, looks like there was a default cache time that was affecting things.

        You may need to clear your cache for it to take effect.


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          yep, appears to be fixed now. Cheers Nath.