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Where did my for sale go

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  • Where did my for sale go

    Posted an ad this arvo, for a 4 bed house in Halls Head, it has disappeared after about 25 minutes off the General for sale thread - Any ideas - or Problem with the ad??
    I have heard of Sane women, but I have also heard of unicorns!!!

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    Please read here........

    You can not post adds on behalf of others.
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      Nice change of rule today - thanks for nothing, all the for sale my mates bike here, buy my friends jacket their that are still floating around - oh and my personal favourite - eoi for a ducati whatever the hell it was, contact my friend not me. Cheers
      I have heard of Sane women, but I have also heard of unicorns!!!


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        Actually, in BlackFZR's defence the decision was made by Staff last week, and BlackFZR posted a notice about it here, note it was last Thursday.
        We just missed adding it to every FS sub-forum.

        And it's because every 2nd FS post is for someone else that we've decided to implement this change.
        You may have noticed quite a few threads removed/deleted over the weekend by the mod team due to this.


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          Hey Guys - No biggie, can understand the decision. Maybe change the thread title at the top to say ALL USERS PLEASE READ, as there has now been rule change, make it clear for everyone and maybe save you guys some work.
          I have heard of Sane women, but I have also heard of unicorns!!!


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            mmmm I can see me running into trouble, selling Ladyhawks bike for her, will that be allowed?? Or will she need to post the thread saying don't contact me PM Stoneville, oh wait that won't be allowed either, will it?


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              if it's a legimate reason, the other person is a verified member of PSB and eligible to post themselves (not in the 10post/30 day probation period) then it should be fine

              we're just trying to stop PSB turning into a gumtree site of sorts.
              so no "posting for my mate" or "posting for zzz as they can't post" etc.

              common sense should prevail.

              if in doubt, PM BlackFZR or a Staff member when posting your add to double check/advise of reasons, etc.


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                Heh, was wondering where my 'for sale' thread had gone... no problem.
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