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"Quick Links", "New Posts" and other shortcut tabs missing

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  • "Quick Links", "New Posts" and other shortcut tabs missing

    It would seem that these little links/shortcuts are no longer present for me when I'm actually in my subscribed threads section.

    They seem to show themselves at all other times but when I'm in the subscribed thread list, that section of the screen is bare.

    This never used to be the case. Only seems to have been since around the time the banner was changed to the ANZAC one. Probably unrelated but it was around that time all the same.

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  • #2
    Still there for me...

    Clear cache, etc...


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      Forgot to mention...already cleared cache etc.

      Looks like this:

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        Mines the same if I go to Subscriptions...

        What about just looking at threads?


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          Sorry mate.

          I got my wires crossed when I was typing the OP. Now edited.

          Threads are fine, subscriptions fubar.

          That was never normally the case though.
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            im missing a lot of buttons up top of screen. Settings,My Profile and a few others....anyone? Bueller?
            Originally posted by Red_is_Best
            hahah I hate it when they do that and you make some noises like you had it done just last year, then they give you that look, like you are a bad vagina owner and you should take better care of it!