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  • Proxy Errors?

    Anyone else getting these? Primarily happening when I hit the button to post a comment but also when using the "Preview Post" button as well
    Has happened on my desktop computer W7/IE11, work DT W7/IE10 and new laptop W10/IE11 as well so not machine specific

    Sometimes refreshing the page works, sometimes going back takes me to the thread but minus what I wrote and other times it just shits it self entirely and I have to close the tab

    Proxy Error

    The proxy server received an invalid response from an upstream server.
    The proxy server could not handle the request POST /forum/newreply.php.

    Reason: Error reading from remote server
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    Originally posted by Phildo
    Noted. We'll check back on that one in three years
    Originally posted by filbert
    i'll pretend you didn't know she was 13

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    Looking into it over the next few days to see what errors might be appearing.
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      Mine is still very slow to load. sometimes the homepage loads Ok but often once loaded clicking on new posts etc takes ages. IMO its a personal attack on me and you Para for posting shit...
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