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the PSB Server is beginning to receive

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  • the PSB Server is beginning to receive

    I see this message each time I log in.

    "the PSB Server is beginning to receive a lot of bounceback's and undeliverable emails associated with thread updates/subscriptions, personal message notifications etc. It would be appreciated if you could check the email address linked to your profile, and update it where necessary.

    Please go to the following link to check and/or update your email address;

    Edit Email & Password

    If you can't see an email address in the "Edit Email Address (Optional)" section, or the one within it is incorrect, please update it with your current email address."

    I'm using Gmail as my main email address so it is working fine and I have checked it each time I log in.
    Can this be fixed or is it just one of those PSB things?

    Originally posted by out_in_front
    #4: Pillion gets treated like they are made of glass and irreplaceable - I don't want that shit on my hands if I make a mistake doing something silly.

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    there's a cross you can click within that dialogue box isn't there? if so, the message will disappear then.
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