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How to edit profile / living local and bikes owned

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  • How to edit profile / living local and bikes owned

    Hell newb question but for the life of me I can't find out how to edit my bikes owned list under my avatar and living local ...

    Cheers for any help boys ! 👍
    Girls too !! Bfor I get pinged ! 😜

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    U is a noob > settings > general settings
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      Top Right
      Click on Settings

      Halfway down left hand side.
      General Settings

      Scroll down to location motorbikes etc
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        Only reason I said girls 2 was u halo 😜 Is your avatar you ? And RA cheers bloke !
        And yeah I know 8'year long member over 1000 posts !! Feel like sutch a goose !!
        But had a 2 year hiatus due to life cercumstance and quite a few changes lol !! Good though !

        Both earned your selves a like !!!

        Still the R1 hey halo ! Seen a 98/99 model painted dark blue with silver flake and Fluro greenyyellow rims up here in Kal ..., actually looked awesome!
        I gave him the thumbs up but was in the work car Fluro reflective red 3m tape down the side and orange led strobe lights on the dash ppl always think it's a cop car so needless to say he hit the brakes and Took the next street left lol

        What years yours again?
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          Why IS MY dot yellow.????

          and who are the weevils that disliked me..?

          How can I change the world...?

          Is it worth changing.?
          " Imagination is the seed of life..."


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            Originally posted by GsxInShed View Post
            Why IS MY dot yellow.????
            You spent time in prison and it's infected?
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            Originally posted by Phildo
            Noted. We'll check back on that one in three years
            Originally posted by filbert
            i'll pretend you didn't know she was 13

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              Originally posted by Para045 View Post
              You spent time in prison and it's infected?
              "Oh.... you wascal.."
              " Imagination is the seed of life..."


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                hey I spent a night in prison due to a stuff up on a move on order !!!!

                All started over geting drunk few pain killers .... My sister got worried called ambos I said piss off ..... And just because I have a lic for guns !!!! Witch were all locked up and yes a 10 year break up,makes me silly but of course I ordered 3 more witch were on my lic that day so some cops are fucked these days !!!!

                Took all my shit for over a year just because I got fucked up a lil as most would after a marriage collapse !!! Said mate u take my guns all locked in 3 safes over what's necessary but leave me with a 1.6!tone cage witch I'm allowed to keep the keys ! Grrrrn

                Then have the nerve to do a full raid 3 days later cops every where !!!! And I admit a 12g round must have rolled under the bed at some stage!!!

                So 1 had an old .22 rifle and I made it into a sawn off .22 played with for a day or 2 then handed it it in !! 😜 Fuckers !! Sgt. was like "mate this is an illegal sawn off pistol now !!" Said yep !! Why I handed it in !! See ya !!

                For future reference any one caught with say an sks 7.62mm assault rifle or any thing like .... Heaps of sks's around ..... Simply say yes I found it and was heading to the police station closest to hand it in 😜 Other wise u are fucked !!!! But yeah off topic

                Saying that this house I in now I found 2 0wens machine guns and 8x4 crates 88mm armour piercing recoiless rifle rounds ..... Scary shit whilst doin sparky work in the roof !!!!
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