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Browser jumps to bottom of page on load

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  • Browser jumps to bottom of page on load

    when I open a thread, on my browser (IE) it opens normally, until the quick reply box loads, when the browser jumps/scrolls down to the bottom of the page. not a major problem, but can be annoying when i'm halfway through reading a post, and have to scroll back up to it.

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    use firefox, IE seems to be causing you some issues. Sorry I can not be of more help


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      I agree there, IE wont remember my login and pw details (damn cookies) but i have no probs with firefox.

      Btw Taint, watcha been up to since the boss is away? Bought any new bikes yet?

      You need to take a burl around and check out the new place!

      EDIT: *Looks at Taint's post count* ooohhh, THAT'S what youve been up to!!!
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      I do not mean to pry, but you don't, by any chance, happen to have six fingers on your right hand?


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        grr, my mate's been pushing me to get into firefox. PSB may just convert me. I can cope with all the other sites on a sometimes dodgy browser. but cant let psb suffer


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          Firefox > IE


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            Opera > *
            For LAMS information and resources -
            For LAMS discussion and to ask questions -


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              Opera = Buggy


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                Firefox rocks

                *walk away mumbling profanities because my work only allows F*%$ Internet Explorer*


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