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  • Keep getting logged out

    Almost every time i login i get the chance to look at one page in the forum then it decides to log me out again. Meaning that i have to log in once more. Even checking the remember me button doesnt seem to fix this and its gets quite annoying to check a coupla days worth of posts real quick

    EDIT: It even logged me out while i was typing the original post after just logging in again

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    Yeah it was doing this t me too, was gettng mighty sick of it - I even put a post in about it but so far no reply! I took someone else's advice and went in and changed my password and it hasn't happened since - even closed it off and then when opened it again was still logged in (just like old times!!).
    I even used my same old password as the new one - but it seems to have worked. Worth a try. Mind you, only did this tonight, so haven't actually turned off the computer yet and tried (hope I'm not posting too soon!!)
    Good luck!

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